Leigh Dr. Shaw Chiropractic
We brought our 15-year-old mix-breed dog to Dr. Shaw to help her with rear-end weakness and mobility. Within minutes of her first adjustment, we could see an improvement. She really understands the structure of dogs and is open and honest about what she can do. She referred us to a Veterinarian physical therapist to continue her treatment in addition to her monthly adjustments. Dr. Shaw is a very caring and compassionate person and we are lucky to have her helping our dog feel good in her old age.
michael c Dr shaw yorkie
Michael C.
Dr. Shaw is an excellent Dr. who helped my 11-year-old Yorkie. He was limping and struggling to walk. I saw improvements after just 1 visit! He is running and jumping again like a puppy. I definitely made the right choice. Thanks, Dr. Shaw!
jack the ripper
The Boyles
Jack The Ripper is our 10-year-old English Bulldog. He has been slowing down and struggling with weakness in his hind legs over the past year. 
His vet has been prescribing many different pain medications which make him groggy so we stopped those but he is on a new oral anti-inflammatory medication which is helping his arthritis but we knew that he needed further help. We know he is getting older but we wanted to give him a chance to feel better so we called Dr. Melissa Shaw.
Upon her first visit to our home, she could clearly see that he was struggling to get up and walk. She took the time to get to know him and was so gentle with him. She was able to adjust him and do cold laser therapy. A few days later, we could see positive results. We finally saw our little boy being able to walk down the hallway without having to stop and rest every few feet. 
Dr. Shaw now sees Jack once a month. We totally believe in maintaining great health through chiropractic care! Every chance I get, I tell fellow animal lovers Jack’s story so they will consider animal chiropractic with Dr. Shaw if their pet has symptoms. 
Daniel B and Dakota
Dr. Shaw has helped my senior dog tremendously. Before treatment, she was having serious difficulty getting up and down and was struggling with mobility. With routine adjustments, her ability to move has increased and she’s experiencing less of the aches and pains of aging. After each treatment, she rolls around like a happy puppy!
iona 1
Denice W.
We can’t thank Melissa enough for treating our dog, Iona.  She is 13 years old and it was discovered that she had developed some herniated discs in her back which resulted in her lameness and other additional problems as a result of her condition. Our veterinarian recommended chiropractic sessions instead of surgery or medication.  Since Iona’s treatment, she has shown remarkable improvement!  She even looks forward to her treatment.  She is most certainly a happier dog.  Thanks again, Melissa!
Christina F. and Duffy
Duffy is my 13 1/2-year-old Golden, he has arthritis for a few years now. After falling one night he was stunned and unable to move with any ease.
Our vet sent him home with pains meds and best wishes 🙁   I worked for Doctor Shaw and knew how great she was with two-legged patients and decided to have Dr. Shaw evaluate and treat Duffy. After only 30 minutes Duffy was walking better and seemed to have less pain. I know this treatment is not a cure but if it can lessen the pain of an already existing condition, I am all in. Thank you, Dr. Shaw, for making an old pup comfortable!